NoroClean uses Ultraviolet C (UVC) emitters to provide an effective method of microorganism inactivation for contaminated air and surfaces. UVC disinfection technology has been in use since the early 1900’s.   NoroClean UVC devices are a powerful, modern, mobile solution to reduce HAI’s, Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi.
UVC energy is a wavelength range of Ultraviolet energy spanning 200- 280 nanometers (nm). NoroClean UVC devices specifically employ the highly germicidal 253.7 nm bandwidth to cause photochemical damage to cellular DNA and virus RNA. This biological damage inactivates the cell by preventing replication and therefore infection capability. Germicidal efficacy is determined by the overall dose of UVC, which is a product of lamp output (i.e., intensity) and exposure duration

UVC Technology Overview

UVC has proven efficacy rates of 3-6 log reduction in just minutes.
Efficacy is proven against MERS-CoV, a similar strain of coronavirus to SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19. Study shows that, "For MERS-CoV, a UV-C exposure time of only 5 minutes resulted in undetectable virus levels."

3200 Max

The 3200 Max is the most powerful UV light sterilizer system in the world, ideal for health care facilities requiring maximum disinfection in the least amount of time. It is the only system in the world that incorporates an automated lamp shutter protection structure.

2280 Syndicate

The 2280 Syndicate is a dual emitter UVC sterilizer specifically designed to work in tandem to emit germ deactivating UV energy. This UVC mobile room sterilizer delivers versatility resulting in fast and highly effective disinfection treatments. This UV light for room disinfection also assists in lowering labor costs and increased efficiency by reducing the number of positions for each cycle.

Treatment of Indirectly Exposed Surfaces

Traditional, manual hospital cleaning protocols are often insufficient in stopping the spread of pathogens and leave room for error in technique and chemical application. With the use of smart technology, the NoroClean portfolio ensures the correct germicidal dose is thoroughly delivered to all surfaces, lowering infection rates and costs.